Heal Me- Club Surrender Book 1


Heal Me- Canva ebook


All I wanted to do was get out of Chicago and away from my abusive ex, but one Versace clad assassin (and inspiration for my battery powered fantasies) had other ideas. One glance at Dorian Zuba, and I knew he was dangerous in a way that left a trail of mangled hearts and sated women, but it was too late. I was hooked, and there was no turning back. Had I known falling for this man could lead to my kidnapping and my inevitable undoing, I might not’ve let myself get so close to Dorian.

But even I knew that was a lie.


My job was simple: Find the person responsible for drugging women at Club Surrender and get rid of them. What I wasn’t counting on was her. Ryann wasn’t just sexy as hell, she challenged me in ways I didn’t believe were still possible. But caring for her meant she was a target. The people I was hunting would do anything to stop me, even if that meant hurting Ryann. How could I put the woman I cared for in danger?

But more importantly, how could I let her go?


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