Hurt Me- Club Surrender Book 3

Hold Me Canva


In the game of survival Dorian and I prevailed. So why was I drowning in survivor’s guilt? The media had moved on to new scandals, yet unfortunately, their absence left me stumbling in pursuit of a new normal. And that happily ever after? Well, it was shaping up differently than I’d imagined. Usually, I’d bide my time, but patience wasn’t an option, not with my biological clock going tick, tick, boom. That, and the fact that Dorian didn’t want children. So, I had two options: find contentment with the fascinating life I had, or jeopardize everything to have the family I needed.


When I should’ve been celebrating the expansion of my entertainment empire, I was stuck in my own personal purgatory. Ryann was suffering, but there wasn’t anything I could do but sit back and give her the space she needed to heal. I didn’t kill that woman from my club like they were trying to pin on me, but I knew I had to find out who did before I lost my freedom and the woman I loved.

Hurt Me, the explosive conclusion of the Club Surrender trilogy can be savored as a standalone novel.


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